Royal Post-Modern Pig

shaped by Rob Lion


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A single-fin surfboard first designed by Dick Brewer in the late 60s featuring the first hard edge along the tail and a softer more traditional rail forward from the tail, the Pintail Lightweight is an all-around and functional design for medium to head high waves. With a moderately wide nose, slightly turned down rails going into a hard edge, ending in a rounded pintail. This board is glassed lighter (6+6oz deck, 6oz bottom) for increased maneuverability, staying true to its Lightweight name.


length 9'5

nose 17

width 23

tail 16 ½

thick 3

A classic board that can be surfed in all conditions but will excel in medium to large surf. The Bing Pintail Lightweight has pedigree that shows.

Post-Modern Pig

shaped by Rob Lion

Beautiful Post Modern Pig shaped by Rob Lion of Royal / Label Surfboards Label Surfboards (currently working out of Santa Cruz Board Builders CA) in mint condition.

A custom made modernised 'pig' for the UK. Super pinched rails, light concave to belly roll, 1 inch stringer, double 8oz glass with deck tail patch. Flat deck for true 50/50 rails with slight step-deck and scooped tail. Resin tint with light blue pinline & unique logo designed by Mister Griffster.

This is a heavy weight log, around 25lb but turns with the agility of a shortboard. Super fast in trim, loves to ride high and tight in the pocket with plenty of speed to burn. Prefers a steep face but will ride anything from ankle to head high. In mint condition, no dings a couple of deck compressions.


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