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Chris Bro Diplock


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The do-it-all longboard designed to excel in all conditions. This is a 'big-boy' longboard at 10 feet and 3 and a half inches thick the board carries a wealth of foam. This ensures that it catches the smallest of waves, but with the pintail and versatile 2+1 set-up it can easily perfomr in large surf.


length 10'0

nose 18 ¼

width 23 ¼

tail 15


The Colonel Mustard - displaying his military might, doing it in the green room with a carving machine.


Chris Bro Diplock

All of the usual craftsmanship associated with Bro's work can be seen in this board. Subtle entry concave to flat to double concave through the fins all connected with a smooth flowing rocker. Tucked under 60/40 rails to a hard-edge in the tail means the board comes alive in big surf, projecting down the line and and powering through turns.

With enough foam to keep the weightiest of surfers happy, for a smaller frame it becomes a board capable of cheating. It will ride the smallest of waves, but carries speed and finesse through every situation. Foiled just right, the board never catches a rail or feels floaty, coming with a superb canary yellow resin tint that the phoenix glassworks excel at.


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