Bing Classic 3 Stringer

shaped by Matt Calvani


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Based on the original design made famous by Donald Takayama in the 1960's, the Classic 3-stringer is the original speed shape design. It features a more refined 'pig' shaped outline with a narrower pulled-in nose, no nose concave, triple redwood stringers setup, tail block, and foiled/pinched rails, this model's strength lies in trim speed. This board is ideal for any size waves but can handle larger faster surf.


length 9'8

nose 17 ¾

width 23 ¼

tail 15 ½

thick 3⅛

A classic board from nose to tail with a rolled vee throughout and perfect foil giving bindles of speed and smooth rail to rail.

Classic 3 Stringer

shaped by Matt Calvani

Straight out of the Phil Edwards school of style, this is a stunning board, designed by Donald Takayama while working for Bing in the 1960's. This shape has been delivered in perfect style by Matt Calvani, with a perfect rocker and foil, and soft pinched rails. This board is way more than a classic cruiser. With proper trim weight and thinned out tail and nose, this board has all the gears and can still turn and outperform other boards in it's weight division. Surf it with a little jazz and this is not only the perfect summer board but also great for taking on bigger winter waves.

This board is in excellent condition, with triple cedar stringers and a high density foam tailblock all wrapped in volan, it's pure class. A few light compressions on the deck are it's only signs of use.


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