Bing PT Lightweight

shaped by Matt Calvani


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A single-fin surfboard first designed by Dick Brewer in the late 60s featuring the first hard edge along the tail and a softer more traditional rail forward from the tail, the Pintail Lightweight is an all-around and functional design for medium to head high waves. With a moderately wide nose, slightly turned down rails going into a hard edge, ending in a rounded pintail. This board is glassed lighter (6+6oz deck, 6oz bottom) for increased maneuverability, staying true to its Lightweight name.


length 9'6

nose 18 ¼

width 23

tail 15 ½

thick 3

A classic board that can be surfed in all conditions but will excel in medium to large surf. The Bing Pintail Lightweight has pedigree that shows.

PT Lightweight

shaped by Matt Calvani

A stunning example of one of Bing's most successful models, a potential collectors item having been signed but Matt Calvani and Bing Copeland while on their European tour.

With a lovely vegetable olive green tint and cedar stringer, the Bing surfs even better than it looks. In superb, near mint condition this board is immaculate, with couple of barely detectable compression dents on the deck.

An amazing board, demonstrating Brewer's genius, the Bing Pintail was developed on the cusp of the evolution era. With subtle transitions throughout the shape the bottom features a nice rocker entry with light concave, before transitioning to flat, through very mild vee before the fin and flat out of the tail. The rocker has a nuanced tail lift that enhances turning and noseriding but not significant enough to stall the board, maintaining it's down the line speed.

Rails are a true 50/50 before tapering to a tuck and then hard edge in the tail section. For a longboard, the Bing Pintail runs hot - smooth and stable in smaller surf it comes alive with a bit more punch, allowing carving turns along the face of the wave and speed runs while on the nose.

A magnificent board for any quiver, that is likely to appreciate in value.


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