Bing Elevator

shaped by Matt Calvani


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Beautiful baby blue resin tint, double stringer, sublime noserider. An amazing board for some summer fun and year round noserider. Easy entry rocker, with lovely blended concave and S-deck to allow the nose to flatten out when on the tip. Light roll to tail flip allowing amazing pivots and extra lock and stability on the nose. Turns superbly, trims beautifully and so solid on the nose it feels like cheating, carrying speed through the sections with amazing lift.


length 9'6

nose 18

width 23

tail 15 ½

thick 3

A board which combines concave and step deck in the nose with a subtle tail rocker, creating a well balanced lift suitable for mind-altering noserides.


shaped by Matt Calvani

The board is in fantastic condition, some compressions on the deck as standard, but a beautifully crafted and constructed board. No dings on this Bing.

In the 1960’s the Bing Nuuhiwa Noserider and Lightweight models set the standard for noseriding perfection. Today, that model of excellence is the new Bing Elevator. Unlike many noseriders of the past, the Elevator holds its forward projection and is easily piloted through hard directional pivots off the tail. Favouring steep-faced beach break and point waves, this board is a lavish tool for the surfer whose focus is getting lots of tip time.

The flex in the nose allows you to lock into the pocket and pump down the line, while the lift in the tail stabilizes the board allowing you to find the sweet spot with ease.


Sorry, this surf craft is no longer available


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